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Faces (2006)


1. Faces (J. Mosier)


2. Dublin Blues (G. Clark)


3. In This Life (M. Williams)


4. Our Feet (M. Williams)


5. Feel At Home (M. Williams)

6. Clock Goes On (J. Mosier)


7. Like Discovering the Ocean (M. Williams)


8. Renee (M. Williams)


9. Potter's Wheel (B. Danoff)


10. Clinch Mountain Backstep (C. Stanley)

11. Ole Love Ole Tune (J. Mosier)


12. Black Muddy River (J. Garcia/R. Hunter)


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This title is out of print.

New Ground (2001)



1. Everchanging Moment (Jeff Mosier)


2. Life Is Short (Jeff Mosier)


3. Eastern Star Road (Jeff Mosier/Johnny Mosier)


4. Dickey's Reel (Johnny Mosier)


5. Judas (JP Moore)


6. Why'd You Have to Leave (M. van Allen)


7. Highwayman (J. Webb)


8. Forget the Past (Jeff Mosier)


9. Road to Damascus (M. Hunter/ E. Hunter)


10. Take the Dirt (Mosier/Mosier/JPM/Stafford)


11. Little Tiny Butter Biscuits (Jeff Mosier)


12. Curve (Jeff Mosier)


13. Midgets Under My Bed (JP Moore/Jeff Mosier)





This title is out of print.

Live at the Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA



1 Zambilly


2. African Hillbilly


3. Take This Hammer


4. Red Haired Boy/Orange Blossom Spatial


5. I Don't Want to Leave


6. Seven Daffodils


7. Farewell to Lemmings


8. Oh Death


9. Blue and Lonesome




This title is out of print.

Barnyard Gone Wrong (1999)



1. Roger Judy (Jeff Mosier)


2. Mr. Lunchbox (Jeff Mosier)


3. Red Haired Orange Blossom Spatial (E. Rouse)


4. Archaeology (C. Rosser)


5. Farewell to Lemmings (Jeff Mosier)


6. Lonesome Pine (J. Tottle)


7. Wichita Lineman (J. Webb)


8. Oh Death (R. Stanley)


9. African Hillbilly (Jeff Mosier)


10. The Times They Are A-Changin' (R. Dylan)


11. Wheel Hoss (B. Monroe)






This title is out of print.

Good Medicine – Prompt Temporary Relief

Jeff Mosier and Johnny Mosier



1. Thaddeus Toad (Johnny Mosier)


2. Small Southern Town (E. Snodderly)


3. Copper Creek Trestle (Johnny Mosier)


4. Lonesome Side of Midnight (H. Wylie)


5. Live Your Song (Jeff Mosier)


6. Worried Man Blues (A.P. Carter)


7. Native Home (A.P. Carter)


8. Ground Hog (Traditional)


9. Seven Daffodils (L. Hays/F. Moseley)


10. Dooley (M. Jayne/R. Dillard/L. Green-Melincoff)


11. Man In the Glass (Jeff Mosier)


12. Low Country (Jeff Mosier)


13. Blackheaded Woman (Traditional)





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